My throughts on that fanmade Drift Science theory...


PPDC identifications (canon) that were reported to back up the theory, and fanmade index, pattern, and scale definitions:

Raleigh Becket R-RBEC_122.21-B
Mako Mori R-MMAK_204.19-V

Stacker Pentecost M-SPEN_970.89-Q (Note: It's actually M-MPEN_970.89-Q)
Hercules Hansen R-HHAN_832.84-G
Chuck Hansen R-CHAN_512.66-D

Newton Geiszler S-NGEI_100.11-Y
Hermann Gottlieb S-HGOT_471.120-V (Note: varies between 12-V and 120-V depending on the source)

Harlowe-Sheehan-Parker Compatibility Index: Ranging from 100 to 999, the HSP index indicates range of compatibility with other drift-capable individuals. The lower the number, the smaller the range of potential drift partners for the individual in question. A person with a lower HSP score is less flexible in dealing with dramatically different brainstyles, and requires a drift partner with either significant shared life experience, a high mutual degree of trust, or a close CORO pattern. Someone with a higher HSP score is significantly more adaptable to drift partners of disparate backgrounds, experience, and CORO profiles. Observe above how Stacker Pentecost and Herc Hansen have extraordinarily broad indices and thus may drift with nearly anyone.

Except isn't Drifting something recognized as very difficult to achieve, and as being based primarily on implicit trust?

The implication that some people with a high HSP would not require that high degree of trust to be able to Drift together seems to go against everything we've ever learned about Drifting thus far.

"The stronger the bond, the better you fight."

"We had a unique skill, we were Drift compatible."

Very good and highly trained Ranger candidates are routinely rejected because, sadly, they aren't able to connect with someone else. They didn't have someone else they felt comfortable enough with to drop all of their barriers and let them in.

In terms of adaptability, it's also surprising to find Raleigh so low on the index, too. If there is one thing about Raleigh that we know, is that he adapts quickly to new situations / scenarios. One would think that would apply to his ability to cope with the life experiences of his partners, and how their psyche developed as a result of it.

And having Hermann being so at ease according to these numbers with the notion of being flexible when it comes to different ways of thinking than his own; having a less rigid mind-frame than Raleigh, even, doesn't seem right.

Plus, while he might have been desperate and out of options, I'd be surprised that Stacker would even bother to try to reinstate Raleigh if he knows that his potential for finding a Drift compatible candidate is so incredibly limited. Unless he already had someone in mind that was a perfect match in terms of similar life experiences, etc.; Raleigh seems to be the Ranger with the poorest potential to establish any connection.

CORO pattern: CORO patterns are shorthand for cognitive architecture, how a person thinks, processes input, makes decisions, etc. The range for CORO patterns is 1 to 99. If two people have the same CORO, they can establish a stable drift connection. Whether or not they can sustain a drift is a different matter, but generally being within twenty points of each other is enough to have a solid drift whether they get along or not. Mako and Raleigh are two points apart: they are Jaeger soulmates. Note that Stacker and Herc are five points apart: they are also Jaeger soulmates. Observe that Hermann’s CORO number is 120. The zero stands for a medical exemption, recommending against drifting due to his illness. Otherwise, he and Newt are a point apart.

I believe there's a reason why Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky were purposefully left out of the example.

Sasha: R-SKAL_440.94-K
Aleksis: R-AKAI_443.22-F

These two hold the record for the strongest, longest and most stable neural handshake (never mind being romantic partners)... In terms of "Jaeger soulmates", they would be the prime example.

Their CORO is 72 points apart. They are the pairing whose cognitive architecture and ability to have a solid Drift is the hardest to achieve. Those with the least in common.

Using that number to indicate how much people are likely to be "soulmates" in a Jaeger either makes no sense...

Or the Kaidanovsky are proving that when it comes to Drifting, predictions based on how your brain's cognitive patterns is total BS anyway! If you trust that fucker next to you with your whole soul? You could be miles apart, and you'll connect like no one else!

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This is canon-compliant until canon proves otherwise.

I have a canon-compliant theory that Stacker Pentecost (canon information) ejected Chuck Hansen (canon information) from Striker Eureka (canon information) between the moment where Chuck Hansen (canon information) is last seen on screen, and the moment where Striker self-destructs (canon information). And that this decision was made so fast by Stacker Pentecost (canon information) and occurs off-screen; that even the director, Guillermo Del Toro (canon information) or anyone else involved with Pacific Rim (canon information) hasn't been made aware of it.

I offer this Chuck survived theory to the fandom for free, no catch, under a creative commons license.