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sunshines_ray's Journal

Amélie (Mun), Raleigh Becket (Muse)
Journal dedicated mostly to Pacific Rim. With some particular attention to the characters of Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam), Chuck Hansen (Robert Kazinsky), and the Chaleigh (Chuck / Raleigh) romantic pairing.

Also serves as an:
Indie RP blog for Raleigh Becket.
- Mature, Literate.
- Multi-Verses, Multi-Ships.
- Crossovers Accepted.
- OC Friendly.
See Links on Journal for more details.

Important note: Most RPing will be done directly from my Dreamwidth account, and the introduction post will be re-posted here (with a link to the rest of the storyline).
In case you do not have an account with Dreamwidth, however, I am also open to the idea of roleplaying directly from here as well.